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1. Staff selection
For our own safety, only those individuals who are in good health and have no underlying chronic medical conditions or immunocompromising conditions should be considered to provide the hospitality services required.
2. Privacy
Personal medical information is subject to privacy and confidentiality considerations under the Constitution of South Africa. All staff are to be instructed to refrain from inquiring about personal details related to COVID-19 cases with the medical personnel/guests that they might engage with on the premises.
3. Room requirements
Due to contagion issues Sani window can only requisite en-suite rooms. Dormitories are not suitable. Each room must have its own bathroom, containing a toilet, sink, and shower/bathtub. All surface objects that do not need to be there are to be removed from the room. Anything that
can be touched poses a health hazard. Unnecessary decorative items such as scatter pillows, couch throws, trinkets standing on shelfs, books etc. are to be removed. The room should be kept as sterile as possible to make it easier to clean.
4. General protective measures
The following generally applicable protective measures will be implemented:
Staff are to wash their hands with soap and water frequently throughout their shift, at least once per hour. It is recommended that ppropriate handwashing protocols be provided, reflecting the need to wash for at least 20 seconds.
In case of the need to sneeze, staff are to be instructed to do so in a tissue or the bend of their elbow, not in their hands.
Staff are to be instructed to not touch their face during cleaning duties.
Staff must keep a minimum physical distance of 2 metres between them and all other people, including colleagues and any guests at the accommodation.
5. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Disposable gloves must be worn while conducting any cleaning activities. These are to be disposed of when a guest room cleaning is completed.
Face masks
There is much debate about the use of face masks to prevent the spread of corona virus. Sani Window has taken the decision that the potential benefits are worthwhile and recommends all employees will be provided with masks, with the understanding that masks are not 100% effective to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and that masks do not reduce the need to adhere to other safety and hygiene
requirements. Individual staff members may be given the choice of using masks or not. Self-made cloth masks may also be used and need to be washed after each shift.
Guidelines for staff on the correct procedures for the use and care for masks can be found on the Government website about Covid 19 virus:
Masks must be worn if rooms are being cleaned while the occupant is present. Any breaches in the protective properties of PPE (e.g. torn gloves) should be reported immediately to Management. PPE requires disposal after use to prevent the risk of transmission from contact with infected surfaces.
6. Food services
Sani Window will NOT provide food services to guests of the accommodation. This is to keep contact and related risk of contamination to a minimum.
7. Room cleaning frequency
Frequency of room cleaning should be minimised as much as possible. The following guidelines are to be applied:
Rooms are to receive a deep cleaning both pre-arrival and post-departure. It is in Sani Window's discretion to decide whether an external company should be hired to do a deep-clean, or whether an in-house deep-clean will be sufficient.
For stays of one (1) week or longer, rooms are to be cleaned on a weekly basis only.
For stays of less than one week, room cleaning will be deferred until the room has been vacated.
Where possible, vacated rooms will be left vacant for 48 hours prior to cleaning and reallocation.
Rooms are not to be cleaned unless they are vacant. Should the guest be staying at Sani Window  for longer than one week, cleaning should take place at a time when guests are not occupying their room, e.g. they have left for a shift.
If it is not possible to clean the room when it is vacant, the occupant of the room must be requested to wait outside if possible, or remain at least 2 metres away from the cleaning team and be wearing a protective mask for the duration of the cleaning. The guest should also be asked to clean/sterilize his/her belongings at the same time.
A weekly room clean is not mandatory and should be discussed with the guest as to whether it is necessary/welcome or not.
8. Cleaning
Cleaning products
The COVID-19 virus is killed by a broad range of readily available cleaning products, including those containing bleach, chlorine, or alcohol.
Routine cleaning
Routinely (hourly) clean all surfaces that are frequently touched, e.g. reception area countertops, tables, chair armrests, light switches, doorknobs, elevator buttons, stair railings, vending machines, etc. It is recommended to make a checklist of all such surfaces for hourly cleaning.
Vacuum cleaners (where applicable) are only to be used after proper sanitization of surfaces have been completed.
Special cleaning
Room keys / cards should be sanitized after every guest use.
Frequently handled room items such as TV or air-conditioner remotes, door handles, light switches, kettle handles, telephones, toilet lever and seat, taps, etc. must be sanitized after guest departure.
Disposable gloves must be worn when handling laundry from guest rooms.
Linen / towels are to be placed directly into a laundry bag.
Laundry bags are to be taken to laundry areas immediately after the respective room cleaning has been completed.
Once transported to the laundry area, linen / towels should not be shaken out but rather directly emptied into the washing machine from the laundry bag.
Cloth laundry bags are to be laundered after every use.
9. Waste management
Medical personnel who stay at Sani Window are exposed to COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses on a frequent basis. As such, waste items from their rooms should be considered as potentially contaminated and are to be disposed of appropriately.
Guest room bins should be emptied by tying the plastic bin liner closed and placing the closed plastic bin liner in the rubbish.
After cleaning duties for each room are completed, all PPE is to be removed and disposed of in a plastic bag that is tied closed (and is not to be re-opened). This plastic bag is to be disposed of with the rubbish.
Staff are to immediately wash their hand after cleaning a room or completing other routine cleaning tasks. Ubuntu Beds suggests providing detailed procedures for effective hand washing, including starting with washing the tap / faucet handle to ensure that any contamination is removed. Then wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Dry hands and tap with paper towel.
10. Report exposure risks
Staff are to report any close contact with guests immediately so that this may be recorded in the event that they or the guest become symptomatic.
Employers may implement measurements such as taking staffs temperature on a daily basis, to be immediately aware of possible infections. This may be done in-house and only with the approval of the staff.
Should staff develop symptoms themselves, or observe other symptomatic team members, they are to report this immediately without any delay whatsoever.
Sani Window will be providing readily available procedures for the steps to follow in the event of either of the above cases.
11. Guidelines for Staff
All staff of Sani Window B&B will receive specific guidelines related to COVID-19 operating requirements. These guidelines are to include the following, at a minimum:
Our Commitment:
Sani Window will follow the Health and Safety Guidelines for Hospitality Staff
Possible training videos on cleaning procedures Staff will be signing off on all instructions received, so that Sani Window knows everyone is
fully aware and has accepted the risks involved in hosting Health Care Workers/Essential Workers.
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